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Chet Doxas

Chet Doxas is  a saxophonist as well as a composer and arranger. Born in 1980 and raised in Montreal, Canada, Chet grew up in a fertile musical environment. Beginning with piano and drums, he then moved to clarinet, tenor, and alto saxophone when he attended Lindsay Place High School. His father, George Doxas, was the director of the music program.He has been a constant source of inspiration and guidance to both Chet and his brother, Jim. Read more

Dave Turner

It’s been over two years since Montreal-based saxophonist Dave Turner debuted his new quartet. which finds the longtime altoist making an exclusive switch to the baritone instrument. With trombonist Dave Grott sharing the front line, the quartet may have looked bottom-heavy on paper—but it’s proven to be a soulful and rich-sounding unit, aided by the young up-and-comer Vanessa Rodrigues on Hammond B3 organ. Read more

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